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For people to read this post and follow the rules and all that fun stuff. :3 Welcome to Wish Upon a Dream(width), a comm for making wishes year 'round! \:D/ Silly wishes ("I wish for a pony!"), srs bsns wishes ("I wish for a computer/paid time/world peace), ranty wishes ("I wish [x] would stfu"), and all other kinds of wishes welcome!

And if you can grant a wish, great!

1. Be good. No trolling, no insulting, no wank, no name-calling. This is a warm and fuzzy place...except when you need to rant a bit.
2. Nothing illegal. No illegal downloads (gifting someone something is fine), no drugs, etc.
3. Place NSFW or potentially-triggery content under a cut.
4. Use good judgment. Don't place your home address right out in the open, don't give out personal information, trust your instincts if something feels fishy.
5. Comm promo is fine, as long as it's phrased as a wish, and isn't done too often.
6. No spam.


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